Our objective is to encourage social intercourse among like-minded people and bring together business and social interests. In addition, the Club organizes various activities to provide to the cultural interests of its members. This is always done in a casual way, for members among themselves as well as in contact with guests.

The Club values good manners with respect for each other and consideration for each other's privacy. The atmosphere is casual, familiar and warm, but a number of house rules apply here too.


Every member is expected to know and abide by the house rules of Royal IGC.

It is part of our mores to get to know others and start a conversation, no one is ever left alone in the bar or Clubroom; Be considerate of others and do not be too noisy; Business cards are exchanged discreetly; Employees are always treated with respect; Practical instructions from staff are always followed; At Club- Table activities, there is no table allocation; members and their guests join others at the table and so tables or seats are never 'reserved'.

The house rules do not apply to guests in rented rooms. A guest accessing a rented room, without an introduction from an IGC member, has no access to the members' area (Club Room, dining room, bar).

Dress code

A dress code applies when visiting the Club. Please inform your guests about this dress code to avoid uncomfortable situations:

After 5pm Monday to Thursday: Tenue de Ville
For men: a suit or combination of a jacket with neat, dressy trousers with matching shirt and (butterfly) tie, socks and shoes. One always keeps the jacket on inside the Club.
For ladies: neat representative clothing, suit (deux-pièces or skirt/colbert), trouser suit, robe-manteau, dressy dress (sleeves over the shoulder) with tights or stockings, elegant boots or shoes.
Until 5pm and on Fridays: smart casual, neatly dressed.
For ladies and gentlemen, dressy jeans are allowed. For gentlemen, a tie and jacket are not compulsory; a dressy jumper with shirt is permitted.
Not permitted at any time: trainers, chunky knit jumpers, short or three-quarter length trousers, skirts that are too short, polo or T-shirts, spaghetti straps, sports or other leisure wear, tracksuits, chunky boots, sandals, flip-flops, swimwear, leggings or other clothing of a similar nature.


The Club is partly shaped by a large number of theme-based meetings, shaped and organized by so-called Tables, which meet at a self-selected frequency. The Club has more than 35 such Tables and these are the main binding factor in Club life, in addition to the other Club activities.
Tables are free to allow/not allow introductions at events organized by them.


An introduction, subject to exceptions, entitles access to the general areas: Club room, bar, dining room and rooms on the second floor, where meetings take place.
For events, the introduction policy is always specifically stated. Prospective members may not yet introduce themselves.

A member may introduce a maximum of ten people at a time per day, unless otherwise stated.
Each guest may not be introduced to the Club more than three times per calendar year, i.e. if someone has already been introduced three times in a calendar year, that person cannot be brought again (by any member) in that year.
The member is at all times responsible for his or her introduce(s), including following the house rules, including dress code and any financial obligations.
Without a member's presence, or in the event of non-compliance with the house rules, a guest may be denied access to the Club. He or she can then no longer be introduced for one year.
The Board is authorised at all times to restrict or refuse the entry of introducers.

Publicity & Privacy

Image and sound recordings:
Neither members nor their introduces may make sound and/or visual recordings in the Club areas without prior permission from the Board.
Members and guests are asked to be extremely cautious when posting announcements and statements related to Royal IGC or the discussions and/or lectures held within the Club on social media (e.g. Twitter and Facebook). Combining those announcements with photos showing other members and/or speakers as well as quoting statements by (either of) them will not be appreciated.

Use of logo:
The logo and name of Royal IGC are subject to trademark and copyright laws. For use of the logo for internal association use, members automatically have permission, provided the logo is not modified and the use does not affect the good name of the association and its members. For use of the logo in external expressions, written, prior permission from the board/management is required.
Use thereof for publication purposes, or related communications intended for third parties (on social media) is not permitted.

'Chatham House Rule'

To guarantee the confidentiality of conversations within the club, and the openness of (guest) speakers, the 'Chatham House Rule' applies to conversations: a participant in a meeting or conversation within the IGC is free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor connection of the speaker(s), nor that of other participants, may be revealed. This also applies to mention in social media.

Press / publicity / new media

With a view to respecting each other's privacy (members and guests) and certainly also that of our speakers, the (written) press does not have access to the Club, except in very exceptional cases, after express written permission in advance from the board.

Use of mobile equipment

The use of computers, laptops and tablets is only allowed in the bar and Club Room until 5pm, without disturbing other guests. Phoning is allowed in the hall, but not in the other areas. Please turn the phone off or on 'silent' in the other Club rooms.
You may use smartphones for making appointments and showing photos, provided you do not disturb others.

Access to the Club

Members can enter the Club with their personal membership card.
Guests always report to reception and are preferably entered in the introductory book by the introducing member. If a guest wishes to order on their own account, they can pay for the meal by pin at reception and pay for drinks at the bar.


(Over)coats, hats, caps, (attaché) suitcases, shopping bags, backpacks and umbrellas can be handed in at the reception.


Smoking, including alternative forms of it, such as e-cigarette, is not allowed in the Club areas, with the exception of the balcony.

Dinner at Table or Club events

If you have registered for dinner at a Table or Club event, you will receive proof of payment after registering at reception. At the table, you will be asked for this proof of payment. Members are responsible for their own cancellation or 'no show', as for that of a guest.

Membership, contribution, cancellation of membership and contribution are per calendar year; registration is possible throughout the year.

Cancellation must be made in writing before 1 November. The membership invoice must be paid no later than 1 February of the relevant year.


Members are responsible for monitoring compliance with the house rules themselves. If you see that a member or guest does not comply with the house rules, you can point this out to the member or guest in an appropriate manner. You can also point this out to the organizer of the meeting (who can then (politely) point it out to the member or guest), in both cases without compromising hospitality.
Should this not be complied with, the ultimate consequence may be that the member/the guest will be asked to leave the Club.

If the order of the society is at stake, you may ask a member of the board, if present, to act.


In case of a complaint about food, drinks or facilities for an event, the staff on site is the first point of contact, so they can follow up the complaint immediately.
In case of a complaint about staff behavior or appearance, please report it to the director or, in his absence, to another member of the management team.
If you have a complaint about the director or about the Club, please send it in writing (by e-mail) to the management team.