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Royal IGC is a place for conversations, knowledge exchange and inspiration: a social and business club in the truest sense of the words. Offering quality, personal and genuine contact with a diverse group of people. Quality is central to everything we do. At Royal IGC, we are diverse, yet like-minded. Members see the Club as their second living room with a warm, familiar atmosphere where there is always something to do from enjoying a leisurely lunch to attending events and being inspired by - often well-known - speakers.

Our themes

Royal IGC organises more than 250 events a year. Almost every day of the working week we inspire each other with presentations on a wide range of topics. (At the weekend the Royal IGC is closed for members, and instead is available for event hire, such as weddings and private or business events.) We do this within seven themes which fit our interests and are of value and importance to society.

Discover our society

Interested in joining our network? We organize monthly introductory meetings where you can get to know the Club and our location in Amsterdam. We are happy to invite you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!



Royal IGC has a rich history, beginning in 1788. Doctrina et Amicitia was founded: a meeting place where revolutionary committees were formed, during times when this was even forbidden by the Napoleonic rule. In 1922, this club merged with the Sociëteit de Groote Club, founded in 1872, whose aim was to 'promote sociable intercourse between its members in well-appointed premises'.

This newly merged club suffered badly in and after the Second World War and so a further - but rich - merger took place with the Industrial Club, which had already moved into our current premises 'Industria' in 1916, brought a good solution. Both clubs decided to continue their social life in the premises of the Industrial Club, together under the well-known name 'Industrieele Groote Club' (IGC). To this day, our Club still occupies the parterre and the first and second floors. Furthermore, in 2013, we were granted the designation "Royal" and have been since then called "The Royal Industrieele Groote Club".

Sister clubs
of the Royal IGC

At Royal IGC, we think knowledge sharing and inspiring experiences are very important. We are constantly looking for interaction, discussion and in-depth conversation. Our reciprocity with sister clubs both in the Netherlands and abroad allows us to propagate our principles even more. All our members have access to clubs in the Netherlands by showing their membership card. For access to foreign sister clubs, a Letter of introduction ('LOI') must be created and submitted. This can be done on the members' website after logging in.

International clubs

Royal IGC has reciprocity with clubs around the world. A membership with the IGC gives you access to 300 clubs. From London to New York and from Hong Kong to Lima.

New or Littéraire Society De Witte

The New or Littéraire Sociëteit De Witte has occupied a prominent position in The Hague social life for two centuries, focusing on literature, fine arts, history and other sciences.

Royal Rowing and Sailing Association 'De Maas'

The Koninklijke Roei- en Zeilvereeniging 'De Maas' (Rotterdam) was founded in 1851, making it one of the oldest water sports associations in the Netherlands. The Vereeniging can be proud of many sporting successes including Olympic sailing competitions.

Royal Dutch Sailing & Rowing Association

The Pampusbar is the informal club bar of the Royal Dutch Sailing & Rowing Association in Muiden. There is no dress code, but swimwear is not allowed.

Our board

Royal IGC's ambition is to be the most inspiring society in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. An environment where members meet and discreetly and respectfully exchange views, spar and continue to develop themselves. It is our mission and ambition to create an environment that feels like coming home: welcoming and warm.

Club Magazine

Royal IGC has been publishing the Club magazine 'In Good Company' since 1995. Our magazine features the latest Club news, as well as inspiring stories and opinion pieces on relevant and recent social issues and developments.